Computes Moran's Eigenvector Maps of a distance matrix (using mem()) over different distance thresholds.

  distance.matrix = NULL,
  distance.thresholds = NULL,
  max.spatial.predictors = NULL



Distance matrix. Default: NULL.


Numeric vector with distance thresholds defining neighborhood in the distance matrix, Default: NULL.


Maximum number of spatial predictors to generate. Only useful to save memory when the distance matrix x is very large. Default: NULL.


A data frame with as many rows as the distance matrix x containing positive Moran's Eigenvector Maps. The data frame columns are named "spatial_predictor_DISTANCE_COLUMN", where DISTANCE is the given distance threshold, and COLUMN is the column index of the given spatial predictor.


The function takes the distance matrix x, computes its weights at difference distance thresholds, double-centers the resulting weight matrices with double_center_distance_matrix(), applies eigen to each double-centered matrix, and returns eigenvectors with positive normalized eigenvalues for different distance thresholds.


if(interactive()){ #loading example data data(distance_matrix) #computing Moran's eigenvector maps for 0, 1000, and 2000 km mem.df <- mem_multithreshold( distance.matrix = distance_matrix, distance.thresholds = c(0, 1000, 2000) ) head(mem.df) }